Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A post with nothing to do with clothes


Just had some thoughts in my brainbox that I wanted to vent/ discuss on my blog. I've been watching reading and experiencing some pretty heavy shit about life and reality. This was sparked after I had one of the craziest lucid dreams I've ever had which spawned a lot of philosophical thought about what is reality.
I know I probably sound like some dope- fiend high on mescaline, but it's interesting sometimes when something seemingly insignificant can cause such a chain reaction.
My bf's brother told me to watch this film called Waking Life which discussed the ideas around lucid dreaming as well as discussing a lot of philosophical issues surrounding what is reality. Is it something we create or something we are born into? 
One thing that struck something in me was this scene where the protagonist was walking in the subway and was in the way of this other girl. They did the usual: 'sorry' and shuffle aside and then the girl walked back and asked if they could go through that again. The reason being because she wanted to have a human experience not some experience that is programmed in our brain. 
This got me thinking. We've been taught our whole life to work hard and study in order to get a job in order to have money and live comfortably. I think sometimes we get so caught up in this program that we become ants in a colony and forget to do something real and experience life.
In the midst of such a privatised and capitalist driven Country and world sometimes the only real experience is a human experience. 
So I've tried to change a bit, to appreciate everyone and to break away from this trained program of going to uni just going to class and not interacting with strangers. It's not easy. Sometimes I still feel lazy and lethargic to spark a conversation about nothing. But isn't that sad? Isn't it horrifying that we are so willing to participate in work, life, earning money etc, but too lazy or scared to have a human experience?

I've been reading random's twitters namely girls from America. It entertains me sometimes to see life from a different perspective. I've read tumblrs about them being the 'baddest bitches' and twitpics of them in bikinis and holding guns etc. That's cool - except the gun bit. I'm pretty against the lack of gun laws in America. The interesting thing to me is reading about how they've ben back stabbed and fucked over and now it's a privilege to be in their lives and how they don't have friends etc. OH MY GOD. It's a privilege?? I think it's depressing that so many people leave this world without ever having a genuine human experience or shy away from them. I don't entirely believe it's their fault though. I think we as a society share some of that blame because we've become so good at adapting to this system that we forget about the fringe-dwellers and neglectful.

I think a world without strangers is one of the greatest things to aspire to because maybe then we can experience something truly real and not something theoretical and made up. In a world where almost everything we do and see (internet, money, law, names, title, status) is so transitory and intangible that the only reality may be the experience between living organisms.

Although I have a love for fashion and things seemingly vain. I also believe our reality is something we can create. Perhaps this is the way some people can escape the mundane and cyclical nature of life by finding something they truly enjoy and love. Yet for me, I want to make sure this doesn't eclipse the genuine face to face interaction with people. At the end of the day my clothes will fade and perhaps the only thing I'll have left to grasp on that is real is the experience i've shared with some of the most amazing people I've met. It's a shame that I could pass the chance to meet other wonderful people because I'm too lazy to make an effort to be a bit different and do something a bit strange and talk to others I don't usually talk to.

Anyway that's just something that's been on my mind. Now back to study haha



  1. that some deep sh*t gf. I hear you, most definitely~
    hmmm gotta watch that movie...
    you've got a cool blog :)

  2. I agree about the gun thing and the America thing! Ahh i've been studying too >< It's 2:30am wtf!! i must get to bed! but wanted to thank you for your comment :) x


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