Monday, June 20, 2011

Quick post

Hey all,
Just a quick post I wanted to share (form of procrastination). DIYed this vintage gold dress I bought from an op-shop a while ago. Took off the straps and shortened it. Only issue was the material is so slinky that it was so difficult to hem and I need to insert some wires or something at the bust to stop the top from folding in on itself. Any suggestions?
Also found this amazing holey cardigan ages ago.
PLUS Senso Diffusion Acacia wedges I acquired, also a while ago, but never bothered to show on my blog.
However, I will be selling them soon because they are an insy bit too small. It's a 37 and I wear AUS7 but they ran small, so probably better for a AUS6.5.
This always seems to happen to me. I think I need to calm down with the online shoe shopping because I've been having a bad run lately :(
I also need to buy a nice camera. I don't own one like most bloggers, since I only ever blog once every blue moon and I am a spender of money. Shoes+food+going-out leaves steph a poor woman with no camera but a shitty family one. Good times.

As you can probably tell, this was clearly shot outside in the nice beautiful weather. Melbourne is currently facing strong winds and there's no sunshine because Estelle is overseas. Also... I tend to procrastinate at night.




  1. Thanks for the comment! nice cardigan!


  2. The best way is to request a camera for your birthday haha My spending has been ridiculous so no way would I have saved up the money for one! Also yep, we can go some place nice to eat and i'll take you to Europe with me? I'll leave you a bit of room in my suitcase, that okay? :p

  3. aww thanks for the sweet pick-me-up message! def helped lighten my mood :DDD
    keep blogging girl, cuz your outfits/posts rock! Love the DIY you did on this dress. cool & sexy~ And you are gorgeous m'dear!
    maybe elastic to help it from falling? (or maybe that would make even harder to sew b/c of the fabric...hmmm)
    hope you get out of your funk too, as I will try my damnest to get out of mine as well~
    sucks when sizing is off when you buy stuff online. I had this recent prob, and had to stop myself as well. That darn!
    don't worry bout the pics. they look good and you look good in them :D
    awesome booties too!
    xoxo Diana

  4. looking hawwwwt! yeah screw this winter weather. so over it! xx opinionslave

  5. haha WOO glad to see that you've turned it off :P i'm kinda over doing my 'f' lists now.. some people weren't happy with my vents, not that i care about those people, but yeah just can't be bothered :P and yes i'm mixed.. i'm australian, portugese and chinese.. so not half, but there's defs some there!! :D xx opinionslave

  6. love what you did to the dress!! it looks gorgeous on you and love the holey cardigan <3

  7. ❤ everthing about this outfit post. can't complain u look great.

  8. thanks for your lovely comment! those converse are new lolz :) and cant wait till your next post!

  9. Hahaha my dearest Steph Tran, your comments on my latest posts made me rofl in McDonalds (the only place I could get wifi overseas). Here are some belated replies, now that I have my laptop again (I love you, but not enough to try comment back with my fat fingers on my iPhone. It is borderline impossible to navigate Blogger on the iPhone).

    I can show you in PERSON what I bought?! Me, you and Carmaine. Maybe we should be honest and admit that we'll never make it out on a Saturday night, being social and teenager-y and the why don't we do dinner some time? All my favourite, you guys....talking about myself :/

    But no seriously we need to catch up. I can't BELIEVE you're still doing exams. Because I feel like I was away for quite a long time...surely Monash is trying to ruin your life? :(

    You look hot as always gurl. You have killer legs. Defs making me breathless :P x x x

  10. Amazing look!!
    Love your hat and shoes!!

    xoxo from Spain

  11. omg i totally miss playing volleyball :( i played that during school! i can't seem to find a team to play in at uni though :( x

  12. awesome outfit &post!!!!
    congratulation honey!!=D

  13. Love love LOVE those shoes!!

    I am hosting an aztec shorts giveaway if you're interested!
    strawberry freckleface

  14. Great job on the dress, and I absolutely love the cardigan! Makes me wanna cut some of my old, boring cardigans... but I guess I'll just wait 'till I find one in some shop, I suck at sewing and related things!
    Lovely blog, keep it up! :)

  15. What a great post! Just came across your blog and fell in love with it immediately! You have amazing sense of style!!!
    Check out my blog and follow if you like it, I will do the same in return!
    Hope to see you soon!

  16. DEfinitely loving everything abt ur outfit! love love ur floppy hat

  17. lovely outfit, i like your hat! xx

  18. bahah thanks for your comment i like, burst out laughing. can't wait for your next post!!! what is keeping you so busy huh huh?? hehe xxxx

  19. you look wonderful!!!
    loving the holy knit!! :)

  20. Nice outfit. The shoes are unique and beautiful

  21. You look gorgeous!!! thankx for your sweet comment :)

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